Ice makers are now a common household appliance and a necessity in the commercial space, if your ice maker is not working properly it can prove to be a major inconvenience at best. Whether for commercial or residential use, we understand the importance of having your ice maker running at its best.

The machine breaking down can cause huge problem to your life. It is important to understand how it works and know how to conduct maintenance services on your own to reduce your visits to the repair shop. However, you need to have a professional technician on call in case it breaks down.

Ice makers commercial or domestic use are essential appliances that are great to have. If you find a situation where this appliance has completely stopped to work, or it is not performing, the inconvenience caused is immense. At that time you need to call a professional technician to have a look at it. It should be standard practice that you schedule maintenance checks once a year to increase the lifespan.

Common Problems include leaking, flooding, ice making failure among others

To maintain:

  • Always ensure that the water is filtered
  • You ensure the freezer is always very cold
  • Cleaning the water reservoir using the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Scheduled maintenance with your technician